Photo by Tom Gundelwein, LUCY GANG Max Ophüls Filmparty 1982

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Born and raised in a musical family in Saarbrucken (Germany), I came into contact with the strings of a guitar at a very early age. My grandfather, a guitar teacher on the side, taught me to play the classical guitar and laid the foundation for love and the experience of music in all its facets. 

At the beginning of the 70s, I went with the band DIES IRAE to Star Studios Hamburg. Under the direction of sound legend Conny Plank a progressive rock LP was recorded with exclusively own song material – at that time the exception in Germany.

In the Dierks Studios in Cologne, where the SCORPIONS were also recording at that time, further tracks were recorded at the end of the 70s with new band LUCY GANG . Own song material was also a must here. 

Years as a songwriter and studio musician followed and at the end of the 90s two albums were released with own compositions under the project name YOJO. Additional guest musicians completed the live acts.

Welcome to Harald Thoma. 

DIES IRAE and LUCY GANG, two rock bands, which should be unforgotten for many people in the southwest of Germany until today. I was their guitarist. Wild years, a crazy time I love to think back on. 

At the end of the 90s, after a last band project and the release of two albums, I finally retired from the live scene. 

A time out of more than ten years followed, during which 

I didn’t want to touch a guitar anymore. But the love for music and the desire to realize my own ideas brought me back on the path in 2011. I started the development and recording of instrumental guitar stories. Since then almost 300 new, own songs with guitar as a central part have been created. A selection of 75 tracks has been released on 

five albums.



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